Getting Active: Can Varicose Veins Disappear With Exercise?

Exercises for varicose veins in Youngstown

If you have varicose veins, you could be tempted to avoid or limit exercise – especially if they cause you pain. However, avoiding exercise altogether would be a Big Mistake!

The truth is, the right movement can improve vein health without amplifying pain, and it can prevent you from developing more varicose veins

While exercise can promote better health for your veins, it’s important to remember it can’t get rid of varicose veins. To remove varicose veins, you’ll need a medical procedure performed by a vascular surgeon. But that doesn’t mean exercise doesn’t come with its benefits…

You can also visit Dr. Schmetterer Lawrence – an experienced vascular surgeon in Youngstown and Warren, Ohio. Let’s jump into how exercise can make a difference in your veins. 


A Sedentary Lifestyle & Varicose Veins 

There are several risk factors for developing varicose veins. Some of these include a family history of vein disease, older age, pregnancy, and being female. We can’t do much about these factors. However, we can do something about being overweight and inactive – the other factors behind varicose veins.

A sedentary lifestyle is no friend to vein health, so movement is crucial! If you already have varicose veins, exercise may not reverse what’s happened, but it can help your overall condition. 


The Case For Exercising With Varicose Veins 

Believe us when we say exercise is important for taking care of your veins, as well as your overall health. Unfortunately, myths around exercise and varicose veins are alive and well, putting people off the idea of moving. 

Here’s one myth: exercise will worsen your varicose veins or lead to the development of many more. This is untrue. In fact, exercising can prevent you from getting more varicose veins – another reason to commit to moving your body. 

Why do these myths exist? Some conclude  ‘exercise is bad’ because veins can visibly bulge during or after exercise. This happens because of something called filtration, a process that’s completely harmless and normal. But bulging veins can add to existing pain from varicose veins, so we need to be smart when selecting exercises. 

So How Exactly Can Exercise Help Varicose Veins? 

Exercise leads to the contraction of your leg muscles. The squeezing of your legs promotes blood flow, encouraging your muscles to pump blood back into the body and toward the heart. This can improve your symptoms and help you avoid getting more varicose veins. 

Some Exercises Ought To Be Avoided 

While people with varicose veins should exercise, some types of exercises are worth avoiding. High-intensity interval training, heavy lifting, and some other high-impact exercises can be too strenuous for those handling pain. Plus, they’ll place more stress than necessary on their veins. 

Consider skipping exercises like jogging, running and weight-lifting. But if you do wish to jog, you should start slow and build up. It’s better to avoid hard surfaces too.  Pounding the concrete while you run could be too much for your veins!  


Safer Exercises For Varicose Veins 

Low-impact exercises are ideal for varicose veins. They strengthen the muscles and give you physical benefits, without adding too much strain or pressure on your veins. 

Low-impact exercises include: 

  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Yoga 
  • Stationary biking 

Walking is an excellent way to improve the condition of your vein health. Walking is free, and if you’re able-bodied, you can do it anytime and anywhere – without any need for equipment. 

You could also try the following daily exercises to strengthen your legs and get them pumping. These easy exercises can help minimize the fatigue and achiness that varicose veins sufferers deal with. 


  • Calf Raises 

This exercise is incredibly easy to slip into your daily life. It’s so simple, you can even perform them while brushing your teeth or standing in a queue! 

 All you do is stand up straight, push into the balls of your feet and lift your heels, so you’re standing on your toes. Then, slowly and gently, lower your heels back to standing. You then repeat the exercise. 


  • Feet rocking 

Stand up straight and move as though there’s a roller under the bridges of your feet. Just rock back and forth, so you work the calf muscles and give them a nice stretch. 


  • Lunges 

Lunges work several muscles in your feet and legs. Stand with your feet apart, step forward into a lunge and bend your knee. Hold the position for a few seconds. Make sure your knee is right above your ankle when you do this. 


  • Lift your legs 

To relieve aching or swollen legs, lay on your back and lift your legs into the air. Hold them there and bring them back down. Repeat the exercise as needed. 

This exercise stops blood from pooling into your legs and encourages better blood flow to the rest of your body. 


Finding the Right Exercises For Your Healthy Veins

To summarise, exercise is vital for vein health, but it’s important to select exercises that aren’t going to put too much pressure on your veins or cause you discomfort. Varicose veins can make it difficult to participate in some activities, depending on your symptoms, so bear this in mind when choosing one.

Before you begin any exercise regime, it’s best to speak to a vein specialist. They’ll help you determine which exercises are safest for you and capable of keeping your symptoms at bay.

Your vascular specialist can share the exercises they think will work for your specific condition and symptoms, so go ahead and tap into their expertise. 


Exercise Cannot Get Rid of Varicose Veins, But In-Office Vein Treatments Can 

Exercise can improve the symptoms of varicose veins, such as soreness, achiness and fatigue, all while slowing down the progression of your condition. 

Despite the brilliant benefits, remember: exercise won’t get rid of varicose veins or dramatically reduce their appearance. 

Speak to Dr. Lawrence Schmetterer From Youngstown Ohio For a Powerful Varicose Veins Solution

Dr. Lawrence Schmetterer is a vascular surgeon and vein expert based in Youngstown Ohio. With his wide knowledge base and expertise, he can help you uncover the best treatments to remove your varicose veins. To find out how you can make varicose veins a thing of the past, get in touch with us today


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