Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

Mark, 62 – Venous Insufficiency Treatment

Before Treatment:
Mark came into Dr. Lawrence’s office with a problem of veins appearing on his legs. He was concerned with his general health and blood circulation as he experienced more and more symptoms. So he went to Dr. Lawrence to seek relief.

After Treatment:
Sarah is seeing a great improvement in terms of the appearance of veins on her legs and has also experienced a dramatic reduction in the debilitating symptoms that came with varicose veins.


The VenaSeal closure system is the only non-thermal, non-tumescent, non-sclerosant procedure approved for use in the U.S. that uses a specially formulated medical adhesive that closes the diseased vein. The VenaSeal closure system treats symptomatic venous reflux disease in the lower extremity superficial veins, often the underlying cause of painful varicose veins. During the procedure, the medical adhesive is inserted into the VenaSeal closure system’s dispensing gun that is attached to a catheter. The catheter is advanced into the diseased vein under ultrasound guidance and the medical adhesive delivered precisely to the treatment area which is then briefly compressed. This closure system procedure is designed to minimize patient discomfort and reduce recovery time. After the procedure, a small bandage will be placed at the access site. Patients are able to rapidly return to normal activity.
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