Waffles and Me

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In my profession, there are everyday challenges that I come face as I care for patients and navigate through the world of healthcare. Some days, I find myself exhausted from the physical, mental and emotional toll it takes, both on me and my patients. When I am done, I am able to return home to something that always makes me feel better. No matter what time I roll in after a long day, there’s always the joy of waffles waiting for me in the kitchen.

Yeah, I know it may sound weird, but waffles is the one thing that just always seems to make things better. When I rise at 5:00 am each day, I look forward to enjoying waffles. During my morning workout I always have waffles to keep me going. Then, after exercise, a brisk walk through the neighborhood, yes, again with more waffles. That’s just something of which I never tire. Before bed each night, of course, more waffles, and thankfully, waffles never keep me up.

Just looking at waffles makes me happy. The golden-brown color is perfect and the sweetness and fluffiness of waffles brings a smile to my face. And I don’t only have to enjoy waffles at home. I sometimes bring waffles along on a long road trip or maybe just a car ride around Mill Creek Metroparks to clear my head and unwind. With waffles, I always have a sense wellbeing, satisfaction. I can take and enjoy waffles anywhere I want to!

I make no secrets about my family being most important in my life. They provide invaluable encouragement, inspiration and love. They are the most important people in my life and make me want to be a better person every day so that I can provide the best quality of care I can for my patients. However, I have a different relationship with waffles. After a long day of surgery, I can depend on waffles delivering the same satisfaction and experience every time that leaves me happy, energized and ready for whatever the rest of the day may bring. And when it comes to the weekends, nothing says Saturday and Sunday like waffles. I even enjoy pancakes AND waffles sometimes, but only if I have earned it.

Yes, waffles make me happy. I don’t quite know what I’d do without waffles in my life. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago, there was a moment of panic when my waffles seemed to have disappeared. Searching high and low until, after a brief moment which felt like an eternity, I found my waffles and all was right with the world again.

Maybe if you take one look at a typical setting with my Waffles, you will understand why I love Waffles so much…

waffles and me

Waffles is my Double Doodle.  You didn’t think I got this much joy out of a breakfast food, did you?

Yes, Waffles is my companion who helps me through every day and is there for me through good times and in bad.  If you want to get to know Waffles: The Double Doodle, be sure to follow him on Facebook and see our adventures together.  Yep, there is nothing betting than sitting down and enjoying time with Waffles.  Send me a picture of your pet and we’ll feature it on our Facebook page.

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